Philanthropist Alexei Beltyukov The Innovator

Alexei Beltyukov is a very effective Russian innovator, businessman and philanthropist. He is recognized for establishing numerous businesses which consist of Endemic Capital, Mechanicus, New Gas Technologies,, A-Ventures and the Skolkovo Foundation. He is also very well-known for establishing the Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD University.

Early Years
Alexei Beltyukov started his higher education in medicine prior to switching to pursue a degree in business. He notices an advertisement for the INSEAD University one of the top rated international business school while he was working as a doctor at a government hospital. Because he had an eagerness for being a great leader, he made the decision to enroll in INSEAD University to study Business Administration. In 1997, he graduated from INSEAD with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. After graduation from INSEAD, he worked as an associate at Mckinsey & Company a consulting firm.

In 2006, listed that Alexei Beltyukov created A-Ventures LTD and New Gas Technologies. A-Venture LTD is a financial service company developed to help other companies that may be struggling. New Gas Technologies deals with the creation of natural gas and the use of natural gas in technological companies. In 2013, he created the Endemic Capital company, which is an angel investment club, with a goal towards targeting start-up companies in Russia to offer resources that would finance new upcoming firms.

Skolkovo Foundation
Alexei Beltyukov had also been a creator of the Skolkovo Foundation, which is an element of the Russian government. This foundation offers funding towards the economic assistance and service for the business owners, with an intention of strengthening the economy by developing technology businesses.

Alexei Beltyukov recently introduced a brilliant interactive educational software called SOLVY. This educational tool is an online application that makes math more manageable for teachers as well as for students. The application enables students to discover the areas they are having the most challenges and concentrate on those areas. The application also makes it possible for students to practice math problems online and have the choice to receive prompt feedback after completing the math problems.

Russian Alumni Scholarships
Alexei Beltyukov has also assisted in generating the Russian Alumni Scholarships at INSEAD University for Russian students that desire to pursue an advanced business degree. This scholarship has enabled Russian students enrolled at INSEAD University to meet all the financial requirements to complete their studies.

Alexei Beltyukov has kept himself grounded by remembering his roots, which has made it easier for him to become a great leader. Having created many businesses and companies he has been able to develop a landmark in his career. Because he has made it easier for so many people and groups to achieve their ambitions, this has earned him the title of a fantastic philanthropist.  His official website has further information.

What does QNET, Rythm Foundation and Positive Thoughts have in Common?

QNET has been around for years and one of the reasons for this company’s success has to do with its charitable work. QNET is a company that not only directly sells products to consumers; it also helps people with various issues and challenges that they face in life. This organization empowers women to be successful, their products help to improve lives and they also work close to charities which supports people within a community. 

Believe & act on it. #QNET #SuccessTips

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The Rythm Foundation is a charitable organization that has been working hard to help people who are need. They have created the Positive Thoughts Project which promotes positive thoughts and empowerment for people living in depressed areas. QNET has decided to partner with this group and give away a Homepure Red unit for every 1,000 thoughts that have been given. The units will be given to the Taarana, Malaysia and the Rashid Centres. These organizations will then disperse the units to the population. 

A Homepure Red unit is a commercial water purifying system for residential use. These units have been sold all throughout Asia for many years. The Homepure Red unit is one of QNET’s best selling products because it helps to keep drinking water safe and clean for use. QNET knows that many local people in Asia do not have access to adequate sanitation. 

The Homepure Red system is an excellent device for keeping people free from disease and other ailments. QNET enjoys partnering with other organizations such as the Rythm Foundation. They understand that when they team up with other charitable groups they can get more things accomplished for people who are in need. You can read more about QNET and the Rythm Foundation on QNET Buzz.

Former Soap Stars Join Forces in Queens of Drama

POP aired a scripted reality series that follows former soap stars as they create a new television drama using their combined knowledge experience and talent. The reality series Queens of Drama follows their journey from idea to script to the chance to air a pilot. The show stars Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Lindsay Hartley and Donna Mills. The first season aired last year in April 2015. It has been renewed for a second season and will star two new yet familiar soap stars, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Bree Williamson.

Crystal Hunt plays herself on the scripted reality show. According to Hunt in an interview, the television show is fictional with bits of reality, and the stars are playing a more dramatized versions of themselves. Her character is the youngest of the bunch, which has been a source of an argument with character Lindsay Hartley. Her inner circle rivalry adds a fiery dynamic to the show. Even with the tension, her skills and persistency are put to the task as she and her fellow former soap stars try to bring a new soap drama to the television screens. Queens of Drama will return for a second season and Hunt will still be a part of the cast.

Her first steps towards stardom began in Clearwater, Florida, where she was born and raised, and started her life long love with photography. During her youth, she participated in beauty pageants. Her early career consisted of advertisements. In one of those advertisement gigs, she starred along side the group NSYNC. In 2005, she gained her first role as Jill Overton in the movie The Derby Stallion, which starred Zac Efron. Two years later, she landed a role in the movie Syndney White as Demetria “Dinky” Rosemead Hodgekiss.

Her roles on two popular daytime soap operas gained her recognition and lead to her success. She had a regular role on the long-running Guiding Light from 2003 to 2006. She played Lizzy Spaulding and was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series and . She later starred in One Life to Live between 2009 and 2010, then returned to the role for a final appearance in 2012. She’s currently a producer. Her first credit in this role behind the camera is Talbot County, a film she co-produced with her friend and fellow actress, Dania Ramirez. Following her daytime drama work, she starred in several films, including 23 Blast and Magic Mike XXL which marked a huge opportunity for Crystal.

Kyle Bass is Investing Desperately

In the world of investment, it almost always comes down to predicting the future and also being a bit lucky. Smaller investments come with less predictions required. However, as the risk is reduced, so too is the potential payoff. That is not how Kyle Bass has made his money. He is, as many in the industry refer to him, a gambler. He looks at investing more as a gamble and, as any professional gambler might do, it is about reading the players in the field and putting down money at the right times. Eventually, at least according to Kyle Bass, it is all about timing and eventually it will pay off big time.

Now, Kyle Bass has managed to make a good amount of money as an investment gambler. With that being said though, normally he makes his money off of people losing their money or other valuable investments. He is probably best known for making a fortune when the housing market collapsed in the United States. He identified the possible problem in the housing market and so he decided to invest his money into the subprime mortgages. Due to this, whenever someone defaulted on their mortgage and lost their home, he received money for it. Basically, whenever someone felt heartache and was deprived of their home due to mortgages they were signing years ago and didn’t know any better (and were being approved by banks forced into approving these outrageous loans)he made money off of it.

Of course, this kind of financial payoff took place years ago. Now, nearly a decade later, Kyle Bass is looking for ways to make another fortune and to repeat this process with another investment. While he has made money here and there off of investments and his investment gambling techniques, it is nothing close to what he has made off of his housing bubble investment. That is why he has been stating for the last several years that the Asian markets will collapse and he has been promoting this idea to investors who do not have the kind of knowledge he does. In fact, there have been people who have listened to his investment advice in hopes of repeating the housing investments that Kyle did. The problem here is many of these people who have invested their money listening to Kyle’s advice have been left high and dry, as the Asian markets have not collapsed. So, while Kyle Bass is protected thanks to the investments of these other individuals, they are losing out often on their life savings.

Kyle Bass is the definition of an investment gambler. However, along the way he has brought down many other people, always making money off of them.

Why Online Reputation Management Is Important

Melissa Click, assistant professor at the University of Missouri, found herself facing legal trouble for trying to incite violence during a students protest. She was charged with a misdemeanor and was asked to do community service.

She was caught on video behaving inappropriately, and when the video went viral she suffered reputation damage. She acknowledged that behavior that day was inappropriate and that what she said was not intended to cause or encourage violence.

Melissa Click urged people to consider her excellent track record at the university, not judge her by a single mistake. She had support from her faculty members who believe that she should not be punished or fired because of that incident.

After three months, Melissa approached a leading reputation management firm, Status Labs, to help repair her tarnished reputation.

Status Labs has been providing top notch reputation management and reputation repair for many years, and the company is regarded as a leader in the field. Clients from a variety of industries go to them for reputation restoration and reputation management.

Status Labs is well known for rendering excellent services when it comes to managing and repairing online reputation. Any person or company that has encountered any sort of issue with online reputation will benefit tremendously by utilizing the services of Status Labs.

Taking measures to monitor and manage your personal or professional online reputation is essential. Status Labs has developed effective solutions to monitor and repair damaged reputations and establish positive reputations for individuals and businesses.

Status Labs takes a comprehensive approach to address reputation issues and manage the personal and business reputation of each client they work with. Their approach involves suppressing negative information and developing and promoting positive information to build a more favorable reputation online.

The company has a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals. Each of their public relations professionals has great expertise in all aspects of reputation management, so you can rest assured that your reputation management matter is in trusted hands. Have a look around their website and contact their representative for a free consultation.

FreedomPop Expansion Is Taking Cellphone Company To New Level

To call FreedomPop just another cell phone company would be a bad idea. FreedomPop is more than just another, run of the mill cell phone company. In fact, they make most of their money by giving cell phone services away. FreedomPop makes most of their money from add on services like more data and other things like international numbers and more. This company is ready for some serious expansion too. The cat was left out of the bag during the CEO’s recent interview with RCR Wireless. We will include a link to the interview at the end for your review.

Stephen Stokols is the CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop and he talks about the VC funding that is being used to expand his company not just domestically but also internationally. Stokols also talks about how his company is able to just give away a small truckload of expensive data, talk and texting time at no cost to the user and how this plan puts his company FreedomPop light years ahead of the competition.

Last year there were rumors that FreedomPop was going to suffer an acquisition and those rumors are cleared up in this interview too. Stokols provides valuable insight into the company’s marketing plan and it’s business model. Many people do not understand how a business can make money by giving away free service like FreedomPop does.

Stephen Stokols tells us how someone who has family in Mexico might pay for a local Mexican phone number and have it forwarded to their phone in the United States. Because this is a phone number local to Mexico, every time someone in Mexico calls it, or it is called from the United States or anywhere in the world, it is a local call. People will pay top dollar for a number like that because it saves everyone concerned money. That is just one benefit, the second and most major benefit is that the user can call Mexico and talk to their family for a very low rate.

Go watch the interview for yourself by clicking on this link:

FreedomPop’s Utilization of VC Funding to Expand its Operations in Local and Global Regions

Freedom Pop was founded in 2011 on the basis that mobile services are a right and not a privilege and therefore they ought to be free of charge. Consequently, FreedomPop continues to make great endeavors to render free of charge mobile services, which include voice minutes, mobile data, and text messages to many users across Europe and the United States.

On March 9, 2016, the Carrier Wrap segment held by RCR Wireless News, featured Stephen Stokols, the Co-founder and CEO of FreedomPop. The interview with Stephen Stokols was aimed to get more information regarding FreedomPop’s latest expansion and operations.

Other News

Verizon Wireless

Among the high-ranking Carrier Wrap news included a segment on FCC, which charged Verizon Wireless with a fine amounting to $1.4 million in the course of that week. Primarily, this was because Verizon Wireless had inserted certain cookies into the web traffic of FCC’s clients without its authorization. Consequently, Verizon Wireless gained the advantage of delivering targeted advertisements from itself as well as other parties.

Last year after a federal investigation into the matter, Verizon Wireless went forward to proclaim that it would allow clients to disengage the advertisement initiative.


In other news, T-Mobile US was reported to have reaped an addition $2billion in funding prior its scheduled participation in an approaching 600MHZ inducement auction, which would take place later in March.


Further, the RootMetrics was reported to have unveiled a comparison targeting the market-by-market performance of cellular network. In the comparison, Atlanta was top of the list with Chicago and Indiana polis next in line.

The Interview with Stephen Stokols

During the Interview, it came out clear that FreedomPop, which operates locally via Sprint’s cellular service has been receiving VC funding in terms of millions of dollars .The funds have been utilized to achieve both global and domestic expansion strategies. In addition, Stokols also talked of FreedomPop’s plans and business model.

The original information was reported on RCRWireless

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Brad Reifler Commits Funds For Easter Seals

The Easter Seals Dixon Center is getting $3 million from Forefront Capital and Brad Reifler in a new partnership that shines light on helping veterans and their families. Brad Reifler started Forefront Capital because he wanted to invest for a living, but now that he has been successful, he can donate money to the cause. A press release announced the partnership, and it will change the lives of a lot of veterans.

Veterans come home from war to find out that their world is completely different. Their families have to deal with injuries, grief and PTSD that was picked up when the soldiers were serving overseas, and every veteran needs support that their families cannot give on their own. The families have to go to other places for help, and the Easter Seals Dixon Center offers a lot of that help.

Brad Reifler wants to give back to people as much as he can, and he even works with regular investors instead of only millionaires. Brad is the broker for the people, and he plans to keep helping people for as long as he can. Committing $3 million to the cause makes the Easter Seals program a lot stronger, and it also has the people who work at Forefront Capital volunteering when they can. Having a lot of volunteers to come help you if a big deal for Easter Seals, and more veterans and their families will be able to benefit from what the charity does.

Easter Seals is a charity that a lot of people have forgotten about because the nonprofit sphere is so saturated today. Easter Seals gets some really good publicity from this partnerships, and it helps all the customers at Forefront Capital to learn about the charity. Everyone who works with Forefront has heard about the partnership, and that could bring even more volunteers.

Brad Reifler started Forefront Capital on his own, and he has kept coming up with ways to give people to services they need. There are a lot of services that are helpful for regular investors, and Brad helps everyone make as much money as possible on all their investments. Every investment that people make increases the coffers for a future donation to Easter Seals and the Dixon Center.

There are a lot of people who are in need of help from the Dixon Center, and Easter Seals has found a new partner that will help them get all the help that they need. The partnership with Forefront Capital is a great thing for everyone involved, and it helps veterans and their families when there is trauma and stress. Forefront Capital and Brad Reifler want to help as much as they can, and $3 million goes a long way.

Sam Tabar: The Rolodex of Investors

When it comes to building success within a financial firm, virtually everyone agrees that investors are the lifeline that determine success or failure. In order to grow the value of a hedge fund, it’s imperative to find investors who have not only the money to invest in the fund, but also have the desire to do so. However, finding those investors can be a somewhat difficult process. In order to make sure this is not the case, it’s always best to make investor relations one of if not the top priority day in and day out. When following this path, no financial professional in the business today makes investor relations a higher priority than Sam Tabar.

Having the perfect combination of education and experience, Sam realized from the moment he began studying financial analysis that investor relations would be the key to the success of any company. After deciding this was the key to success, he immediately set out to gain a greater understanding of just what makes investors choose one investment opportunity over another. Time and time again, shows Sam found that investors preferred choosing options where they have been able to meet one-on-one with a hedge fund manager or other financial professional.

After making this discovery, Sam knew it would take lots of time and energy to make this happen. As the Head of Business Development and Global Marketing for the Sparx Group, Sam set out to meet with as many potential investors as possible to show them why his firm’s hedge fund was their best option. Making sure he was able to meet with any investor who was interested in his firm, Sam found himself regularly flying to Hong Kong or other cities in Asia to meet with investors. Focusing mostly on high net worth investors, Sam met with them to explain the importance of global marketing and why he and his firm could provide the best available services.

After his presentation, in most cases investors decided to let Sam manage their money. Because of this, he eventually built up a personal rolodex full of over 2,000 names of investors who wanted to work with Sam as much as possible. Proving yet again that the personal touch works best, Sam continues to find more and more investors eager to put his plans into action. And when they do, they discover that Sam is truly an exceptional analyst.  Follow Sam on Twitter, and stay engaged about his new job at FullCycle Fund.

Organo Gold Puts You On Top

In the world of networking, there is a company that should be given a close look. Organo Gold was founded in 2008, by Bernardo Chua, bringing to America organic coffee and other items containing Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom that has been consumed for thousands of years in Asia because of its ability to improve health. Organo Gold offers a variety of coffees, teas, nutritional products, and personal care products. The products offered by Organo Gold are tasty beverages, such as, flavored coffee, hot chocolate, and teas. For the body, Organo Gold offers several nutritional supplements, including, Ganoderma Lucidum, Mycelium, Spore Powder, and Grape See Oil. Other products include beauty soap and toothpaste.

When Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in the United State in 2008, he did it with the wants and needs of the western world in mind. Mr. Chua, realizing the market for healthy coffee because of the large amount of coffee consumed by Americans and their quest for a healthier existence, founded this company to speak to Americans. The company was set up with Americans and Asian at the head of the company in order that Americans could relate to the business. Chua has an excellent knack for finding the right people to bring skill and knowledge to a business so that it works.

So, what did he bring to Organo Gold? Well Facebook users feel Bernardo brought a business system that works for the distributors. Organo Gold offers a business that allows distributors to succeed financially while enjoying the health benefits of the products. There are four major benefits to the business plan offered. First, there is an emphasis on organic products that suit American tastes. Second, Organo Gold offers a great compensation plan to its distributors. This unique compensation plan is so good that it allows even the part-time distributors to get in on the action. Third, OGuniversity offers training available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This training is also available via radio and television allowing excellent training on your schedule. Fourth, the website is very internet savvy, allowing a great website to promote and run your business.

Organo Gold is doing it right. Since its founding in 2008, it already boasts that there are five Organo Gold distributors that are in the top 500 earners on the MLM earner list. It is surely a business and to consider.